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In 2005, Providence Academy established the Annual Fund to raise funds for the purpose of providing a superior, Christ-centered, college-preparatory education to Christian families in the region. Raising funds at Providence Academy is more than just raising money, but rather about being good stewards of God’s gifts provided though the financial resources of the academy's parents, grandparents, and friends. The main goals of the Annual Fund are to retain exceptional and mission oriented students and their families though need based scholarships, improve retention of faculty and staff by offering training opportunities, and improve the overall education experience for students through the advancement of technology and educational equipment.The Annual Fund is the foundation on which a “value-added education” at Providence Academy is built. Gifts from our supportive stakeholders have a marked impact on the advancement of our mission.  

Annual fund and Capital Campaign...
What's the difference? 

When it comes to giving, there’s often confusion surrounding the two. In reality, each serves a distinctively unique purpose and is an integral part of our mission – and future – here at PCCA.
The financial backbone of virtually every private school in America, the annual fund is money raised over the course of the year to help cover operational expenses not addressed by tuition alone: unforeseen costs due to external circumstances, expansion of current offerings or services, and, at PCCA, the launch of new programs. Annual fund money is often raised through events, grant writing, direct mail and gifts.
Capital campaign money is used for long-term needs often involving building projects — land purchase, renovation, or new construction (i.e., the future PCCA campus). Providence Academy's capital campaign is called Foundations for the Future. We also hope to establish a Faculty/Staff Endowment to enhance current staff compensation and provide for new staffing needs. A capital campaign may serve this goal as well.
Some assume major gifts are best suited for a capital campaign. In reality, major gifts can be given to either fund and may be designated as restricted (used for a specific purpose, i.e., science programs) or unrestricted (put toward the greatest area of need).
For more information on giving, contact PCCA Chancellor Jason Ross at (479) 236-8237 or