• Is Providence affiliated with a church?
    No. Providence is independent and has more than 90 different churches represented in the student body.
  • Is Providence a homeschool cooperative?
    No. Providence is a school that uses a college-simulated schedule at the K-12 level.
  • Is Providence accredited?
    Yes. Providence is fully accredited with AdvancED as well as Christian Schools International.
  • Are your teachers certified?  
    Yes, most Providence teachers are certified in the area in which they teach. At times, other education and work experience may be considered as qualification for instructing. For example, a medical doctor may teach an anatomy course, or an instructor who holds a master’s degree and teaches at a local university may teach one of the school’s concurrent offerings.
  • Do I, as a parent, need any specialized training to oversee at-home (satellite) school days?
    No. Providence provides the lead instruction with professional teachers. You receive communication and support from the teacher(s) and the administration in guiding your child toward success.
  • Are the at-home (satellite) days “free” time?
    No. Just as students at the University of Arkansas or John Brown University are required to work on assignments outside of the classroom, Providence utilizes a similar University-Model approach. Satellite days are school days where students may work independently at home, with a classmate at a library, or with a study group at an off-site location. Schoolwork is assigned by the Providence instructor to be fulfilled by students on the satellite days. The purpose of the University-Model School is to build students who excel at time management as well as become independent learners outside the classroom. Research has shown this model produces a high level of success for students at college.