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Is Providence affiliated with a church?


Providence is not affiliated with a church. We are an independent Christian school and have more than 90 different churches represented in the student body. You can read our Statement of Faith here

How much is tuition at Providence? 

Providence tuition is a great value compared to other top-tier private schools in Northwest Arkansas. You can find a breakdown of current tuition and fees here. Providence is committed to providing need-based financial aid to qualified families and also offers multi-child and ministry discounts. 

Will we be the only family attending Providence and not living in Rogers?

Absolutely not! Only about 1/4 of our students live in Rogers. Our students live all over Northwest Arkansas - Fayetteville, Springdale, Lowell, Cave Springs, and Bentonville are all significantly represented in our student body. We even have families who travel from as far as Siloam Springs, Huntsville, and Southwest Missouri to attend Providence. 

Is Providence accredited? 

Providence is fully accredited with AdvancED as well as Christian Schools International. You can read more about our accreditation here.  

Are your teachers certified?

Yes, most Providence teachers are certified in the area in which they teach. At times, other education and work experience may be considered as qualification for instructing. For example, a medical doctor may teach an anatomy course, or an instructor who holds a master’s degree and teaches at a local university may teach one of the school’s concurrent offerings.


Our University-Model® Schedule

Is Providence a homeschool cooperative?

Providence is a University-Model® school, which is different from homeschool co-ops in several ways. We provide professional instruction at school while partnering with parents to complete assignments, reading, and projects at home. As a parent in our model, you won't be responsible for selecting curriculum or planning lessons--our qualified faculty and administration will provide you with everything you need to be successful on your at-home learning days. To learn more about University-Model® schools, check out the University-Model Schools International website. You can also learn more about our weekly schedule on our University-Model® page

Which days will my student attend school at Providence? 

In grades K-6, our University-Model® schedule provides two days per week of at-school instruction and three days at home. Students in these grades attend school at our Grammar Campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Students in grades 7-12 spend three days per week at school and two days learning at home. These students attend classes at our Upper Campus on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. 

Are the at-home days “free” time?

Just as students at the college level are required to work on assignments outside of the classroom, Providence utilizes a similar approach. Satellite days are school days where students may work with a parent or independently at home, with a classmate at a library, or with a study group at an off-site location. Schoolwork is assigned by the Providence instructor to be fulfilled by students on the satellite days. The purpose of the University-Model® school is to help students  excel at time management and become independent learners outside the classroom. Research has shown this model produces a high level of success for students at college. 

What will my student's day at school look like?

When students are at school, their day looks just like you would expect at a school with a traditional schedule. Our elementary students at the Grammar Campus spend time each day learning math, English/language arts, history, Bible, and science. They have Latin or Spanish once a week and art or music once a week. They enjoy lunch and recess with their friends.

Junior high and high school students at Upper Campus have a schedule of 6-7 class periods and a lunch break. They attend classes in math, English, history, science, foreign language, other graduation requirements, and electives. 

Do I, as a parent, need any specialized training to oversee at-home (satellite) school days?

Providence provides the lead instruction with professional teachers. Your child's teacher will provide weekly communication and support to help you guide your child toward success. We also provide parent training sessions before school starts in the fall to prepare you for the year ahead. 


Classical Education

What do you mean by Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric Schools? 

As a classical school, we follow a three-stage approach to instruction known as the Trivium. Each stage is tailored to the student's stage of development and builds on the prior stages.

The Grammar stage encompasses K-5th grade. At this age, students are sponges and learn through repetition, songs, and chants. The Logic stage is grades 6-8. Students at this age are starting to synthesize all the facts they've learned into logical arguments. The Rhetoric stage is grades 9-12. Students learn how to express ideas and become effective communicators. 

Why should I consider a classical education for my child? 

Classical education leads to students who are excellent readers, strong communicators, and critical thinkers. At Providence, history is taught systematically and tied to literature, Bible, art, and other subjects. We read classic literature and poetry by great authors such as Homer, Charles Dickens, and Robert Frost. Starting in kindergarten, students have the option of studying Latin or Spanish. 


Student Life

Which sports do you offer at Providence?

We offer several options for students to compete on our championship athletic teams. Please visit our Athletics homepage for more information. 

Can my student participate in musical groups at Providence?

Our students love the performing arts! Our musical theater productions are high-caliber, high-energy, highly-anticipated performances. Students can also learn an instrument or serve the school with their musical gifts through our pep band and worship team


The Admissions Process

What is your application process? 

Our application process includes an online application, placement testing, and a family interview. You can read more details about the application process here or start your online application today. The first step in the application process is the Patriot Preview, which has been adapted from an in-person gathering to an on-demand video presentation. You can sign up to access the Patriot Preview here. We do not have an application deadline and would be glad to talk with you at any time about your family's educational needs. 

Do you have an application deadline?

We do not have an application deadline and would be glad to talk with you at any time about your family's educational needs.