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Jennifer Main Story


Now in her second year on faculty at Providence, Jennifer Main is encouraging students in their love for God’s creation. The upper campus science teacher oversees College Anatomy & Physiology, College Biology, Biology, Environmental Science and Science Fair. “These classes allow me to teach the subjects I am so passionate about, and also continue to learn myself,” she said. “With Science Fair, I am also able to teach the students how to do scientific research, which is what I spent two years in graduate school doing. I love being able to bring my experiences from graduate school and thesis writing to my classes! Specifically with biology, I enjoy opening up the world of ecology to my students, and teaching them some of the discipline that I have studied the most.”

Mrs. Main received her Bachelor's of Science in Environmental Biology and Minor in Chemistry from the University of Southern Mississippi and her Master’s of Science in Biology with a focus in Aquatic Ecology from the University of Central Arkansas. She’s currently pursuing her Master's of Education in Educational Technology from the University of Arkansas. During her undergraduate and graduate careers, she worked as a biology teaching assistant for labs. “Working in many labs during high school and while in college which has allowed me to work for many different scientists and learn from each of them,” Miss Main said. This has helped shape me into the teacher I am today. I work hard to make sure students are enjoying my classes and learning while having fun.

Growing up on her family’s farm in Pontotoc, Mississippi, Miss Main developed a love of animals, specifically fish and marine life, and became passionate about the earth. “I will always remember my fifth grade teacher who taught me science,” Miss Main said. “She made science so much fun for me.” However, Miss Main said high school and college biology classes often felt monotonous, with  teachers lacking passion for the subject. Miss Main said teaching at Providence allows her to show students excitement of science and create a richer understanding of the Earth that God created for us and wants us to care for. 

At Providence, Miss Main appreciates that she can be an encourager and mentor to students, who she considers to be the best part of her job. “I love that I can share my faith with my students, or a specific event in my life where I felt very close to the Lord,” she said. “Sharing my faith in other schools or work areas is not as accepted but I am able to do that here at Providence, which is a blessing from the Lord. This is why I love my job so much here at Providence Academy. The  students I had the privilege to teach my first year were such a blessing. They knew it was my first year, and were encouraging to me. I honestly love waking up knowing I get to see them on school days because they are such a light and truly make my days so wonderful!” 

Miss Main said she also was blessed to experience the PCCA community when she was hospitalized last January. “Providence staff and families prayed over me, and took care of me when they knew I did not have my parents close by,” she remembered. “Once my parents were here in Northwest Arkansas, and staff and families would sit in the hospital with me so my parents could take a break. Food was brought to the ICU for my parents many times and then later to my apartment. We were loved on and cared for by Providence and I could not ask for a better ‘work family’. Everyone here truly cares for one another and resembles Christ’s love, and you don’t just find that at any school or work place.”

In her free time, Miss Main enjoys fishing, exploring the beach, hiking, kayaking, or relaxing with a book in her hand. A certified scuba diver, she took a Dolphin Studies class in Roatan, Honduras during her undergraduate years. “In Roatan, we had the opportunity to scuba dive every day,” she said. “The next summer, I was able to take Tropical Ecology. This class took place in five out of the six districts of Belize and in Tatkal, Guatemala. We slept in the tropical rainforest for two weeks, exploring a new world from the rainforest to the marine habitats! We even woke up to Howler Monkeys each morning! Fun fact: the Howler monkeys voices are used for the dinosaur sounds in the Jurassic Park movies.”


Miss Main’s favorite scripture is Mark 19:26: “Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’”