Logic (Middle) School

The Logic school (Middle School) includes grades 6-8th. During these years, there is such a transformation for students as they enter as children into the Logic school and leave as young adults. They are taught in small classes and follow a challenging, college-preparatory curriculum. Students are strongly encouraged to become active throughout the Providence community in the classroom, in athletics, and clubs and organizations during these years.

These exciting years for a student may be unpredictable, which makes partnering with parents vital in providing these students with a wonderful and Christ-centered experience. These years will be a time when students are learning organization and independence. It is also a time in a student’s development when he or she has many questions. This important period in a student’s life can be one of great excitement and educational discovery. While the students are with us during these years, the Providence faculty, coaches, and administrators will reinforce parents’ biblically-based values and goals as students mature spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and physically.

Due to the advanced academic offerings, Students at Providence typically enter 9th grade with many high school credits, which can include Latin, Spanish, and up to two (2) credits in math.

6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade

Providence’s 6th grade begins the process of helping students ease into adolescence. This is the last year students attend classes two (2) days per week, as it is still critical for parents to play the co-teacher role. Students are challenged by an academic program with a strong advising and support system. The communication between teacher and parent is very hands-on, and Providence prides itself on recognizing and rewarding both effort and accomplishment in academics, as well as Christian character. The 6th grade program allows students the opportunity to grow, learn and begin to discover their individuality. Students will continue in their study utilizing the Trivium, and further develop their logic skills in all subjects. Students are also strongly encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities at the school. Providence also prides itself with providing parents with caring and qualified instructors in all courses who desire to partner with parents to train up successful young Christian men and women for the Kingdom.

The 7th grade builds on the foundation developed in the 6th grade, but students will now shift to three (3) days on campus. This necessary adjustment provides the critical time necessary for the student and teacher to master the more advanced course material required of a 7th grade student at Providence. In addition, parents begin the slow process of allowing the students to become more independent in their course work, and transition from a “co-teacher” status to a “private tutor” Parents should still read each assignment sheet, assist with structuring time for the student, offer assistance as needed, and verify each assignment in completed in a timely manner. Parents may contact teachers to verify instructions when necessary. In addition, students in the 7th grade are encouraged to participate on one of the Patriot athletic teams, or become involved in one of the other extra-curricular groups on campus.

In the 8th grade at Providence, students are fine-tuning their logic skills and completing the foundation to launch into the Rhetoric school (9th-12th grade). Students in the 8th grade should be well on their way to operating as an independent learner outside of the central classroom. Teachers work with students to train them in the steps to necessary to succeed in the Rhetoric school. The academic courses continue to increase in rigor, and students grow as individuals in all areas of their lives. Our dedicated faculty guides the students through the school year with expertise and grace. Students will leave the 8th grade with a solid Biblical worldview in all subject areas, and foundational values to apply biblical truths to everyday life situations.

“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is - His good, pleasing and perfect will.” - Romans 12:2