Why Providence?



Embodies the Portrait of a Graduate

Understands and believes the Gospel, invested in a growing faith in Jesus Christ. Engages in the local body of Christ and faithfully studies Scripture, prays, and serves. Reads deeply, reasons truthfully, and lives in agreement with the Kingdom worldview. Relates wisdom while speaking and writing with eloquence. Cultivates joy by pursuing truth, goodness, and beauty. Honors God’s image by humbly serving, leading and enriching others in the greater community. Brings hope and peace by sharing the Gospel throughout his/her lifetime.

Embraces wholeheartedly the mission and vision of Providence Academy

Collaboratively partners with parents to equip students with a biblical worldview while implementing school procedures and guidelines in accordance with PCCA handbooks. Understands and is inspired by the vision to see strong Christian families that influence their community and the world for Jesus Christ.

Pursues deep learning

With a thriving intellectual curiosity, seeks deeper knowledge, understanding, and wisdom across a variety of disciplines. Is an active participant in the Great Conversation, the ongoing process of thinkers, philosophers, and authors building on the great ideas of predecessors. As a lifelong learner and instructor, is resolutely dedicated to pursuing biblical truth, growing as a classical educator, and cultivating virtue in students.

Demonstrates pedagogical and/or administrative mastery

Demonstrates expert skills and competencies related to course content and other areas of service. Instructs and assesses students in palpably engaging, effective, and consistent ways, promoting a love for learning. Teaches with clarity and accuracy in the classroom. Organizes time, spaces, and activities to maximize harmony and fruitfulness. Contributes to a safe and flourishing culture. 

Exercises authority with grace, truth, and discernment

Upholds high standards for student behavior with predictability and support, promoting heart and mind conformity to Christ. Operates in authority with kindness and patience, speaking truth in love.

Communicates intentionally and clearly

Epitomizes humility, honesty, approachability, and availability to colleagues, students, and parents. Communicates with stellar professionalism out of respect for each image-bearer in the community. Consistently evidences the fruit of the Spirit and relational maturity in interactions, both written and oral. Fosters the biblical approach to conflict resolution prescribed in Matthew 18. 

Serves honorably before Christ

Honors the Lord both in the school and outside its community by embodying integrity and operating with a self-sacrificing Kingdom paradigm in each sphere of influence. Seeks to honor Christ above all else.