Tuition & Fees

Providence Academy understands the sacrifice families make to provide their children with the highest quality Christian education. The University-Model® of education at PCCA allows families the opportunity to receive a top-tier, college-preparatory, Christ-centered education at a discount to comparable private schools. The current range for a top-tier private school education in the region is $7,500-$10,000. Since PCCA was founded, the board of directors has maintained a goal to stay at 75% or below the price of comparable college-preparatory private schools in the area.

Admissions Process

Step 1: Families complete and submit the application (New Student Application or Re-registration Form), along with the $275 admissions and testing fee. 

Step 2: Both parents must attend a "Patriot Preview" night (either before or after submission of the applcation).

Step 3. Parents are notified by the admissions department.

Step 4: Once the application, fee, and all required documentation are received by the academy, families will be notified of the date for the student admissions test. 

Step 5: Upon completion of the student admissions test, the office of admissions will schedule a family interview. Both parents/ legal guardians and applicant are required to attend. 

Step 6: Upon completion of the steps 1-5, the office of admissions will meet as a committee and make a decision regarding the admission of the applicant. 

Step 7: Upon acceptance to PCCA, families will receive a registration packet. The family will be responsible for completing and returning the registration packet, along with the $325 enrollment fee. The deadline for returning registration form is 10 days from receipt of the acceptance letter. If the registration/ electives forms are not completed and returned within 10 business days, the student's spot may be released to another applicant. With classes at 90% capacity, applicants are encouraged to return the registration forms by the deadline. 

Tuition & Fees: Based on 2020-2021 Rates:

  • Annual Tuition K-6th:  $4,097
  • Annual Tuition 7-12th:  $5,712
  • New Student Application & Testing Fee:  $275
  • Annual Enrollment Fee:  $325
  • Annual Student Building Fee K-6th:  $500
  • Annual Student Building Fee 7-12th:  $550
  • Student Activity Fee K-6th:  $200
  • Student Activity Fee 7-12th:  $250
  • Senior Fee (12th Grade):  $50

International Student Tuition & Fees: Please see the tab International Students


Providence Academy offers three options for the payment of tuition. Payments are due according to the following schedule: 

Plan “A” – One payment due June 1st

Plan “B” – Two (2) equal payments due June 1st, and November 1st. 

Plan “C” – Twelve (12) equal monthly payments made by bank draft only, beginning June 1st and continuing monthly through May 1st. 

Tuition charges do not include registration, the costs of books and materials, activity fees, or building fund.

*In the event that a student applies and is accepted mid-year, certain fees will be prorated. The application and registration fees are not prorated. The tuition, building fee, and activity fees are prorated as follows: 

  • 2nd quarter: Multiply dollar amount by 0.75
  • 3rd quarter: Multiply dollar amount by 0.50
  • 4th quater: Multiply dollar amount by 0.25

Multiple Child Discount: For families who enrolled their children at PCCA, the third child and any additional children in a family receive a 10% tuition discount for students in grades K – 12. A “family” for this purpose is defined as the household in which the children primarily live and are so acknowledged on federal tax returns. 

Pastor Discount: For enrolled students from families whose primary income is derived from serving in full-time ministry in a church, parachurch, or similar non-profit Christian ministry aligned with the PCCA Statement of Faith, a portion of tuition will be waived through financial aid as a tangible encouragement to fellow co-laborers in missions.

Activity fees: These fees include any sports or activities that PCCA students participate in. 

Building Fund: Building fund is a required payment and is used for the payment of costs associated with the current buildings and facilities.

Books & Materials: Parents are responsible for the purchasing of textbooks and uniforms. The cost of books and materials varies by grade level and/or course selection.  See admissions department for an estimated cost for books by grade.

Logic & Rhetoric Schools (High School): Technology at Providence is an integrated component of every subject in a student’s education as they prepare for success in the 21st century. Families can opt for hardcopies of textbooks and readers or the 9-12th student may bring a technological device, such as an e-reader, iPad/other tablet, or laptop upon which texts are accessible. 

Providence uses a third-party financial aid evaluation company to assess all tuition applications. Please see the "Financial Aid" area of our website for more information. 

Payment Plan

Registered families who are new to the FACTS payment plan may use the following link to set up a payment plan for PCCA:

Click here for Payment Plan Information