Financial Aid

PCCA is committed to providing a Christ-centered, challenging college preparatory education for Christian families throughout Northwest Arkansas and Southern Missouri. PCCA attempts to select the most qualified students for admissions. To this end, the admission decision is based solely on the student’s academic and personal qualities, as well as the family’s ability to embrace PCCA’s model of education. 

While it is the school’s firm belief that the primary responsibility for financing their child’s education belongs to the family, PCCA recognizes that not every family can bear the full cost. 

The purpose of the financial aid program at PCCA is to make the school accessible to families of modest means. A family who believes their child is strongly qualified for admission should not be discouraged from applying because they cannot afford the entire cost of tuition. 

The financial aid program serves a second purpose. PCCA believes that diversity of background and talents within the student body strengthens and enriches the school community. The financial aid program enables PCCA to attract well-qualified students who represent the socioeconomic, cultural, and ethnic diversity of our area. 

PCCA subscribes to the philosophy of need-based financial aid as opposed to merit-based scholarships. Consequently, no awards are made solely on the basis of academic, athletic or artistic ability. To receive financial aid a student’s family must demonstrate financial need. 

Process for applying for financial aid:

  1. Apply for admission to PCCA.
  2. Apply online HERE. There is a $30 application fee per family to apply for financial aid with FACTS.
  3. Mail or fax supporting documentation to FACTS.
  4. The PCCA Financial Aid Committee will receive a recommended financial aid award amount from FACTS®. 

Competition for financial aid is significant. Limited funds may prevent the Financial Aid Committee from awarding assistance to all qualified deserving applicants. Therefore, students to whom financial aid is awarded are expected to accept or decline the award immediately upon receipt of the notification letter from PCCA. In the event the student fails to comply with this and other reasonable requirements, the Financial Aid Committee reserves the right to award the aid to an alternate applicant. 

Requirements for financial aid:

To receive aid for the first time, a student must be already enrolled in or accepted for admission to PCCA. In addition, the student must exhibit exemplary citizenship and a positive classroom attitude reflected by above average grades. The student must also actively participate in the life of the school community. Finally, the Parents’ Financial Statement must continue to show demonstrated financial need. Financial Aid is awarded on an annual basis, and parents must resubmit for financial aid each school year by the deadline. The initial deadline for applying for financial aid for the upcoming school year is April 1st. A second deadline occurs on May 1st. Applications may be accepted after this date, and awards are subject to available funds.

For Further Information: Contact the PCCA Office of Admissions, 479.263.8861, x3