The Application Process

Please Note: 1) Our Admissions team is working remotely and still accessible by phone and email, 2) We are adapting the steps of our admissions process to be done virtually as soon as possible, and 3) More information will be coming soon, and in the meantime, CLICK HERE for more information. 


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Providence Academy’s admission process is designed to admit qualified students who are capable of benefiting from the school’s college preparatory program and making a positive contribution to the school community. The Office of Admissions works to identify, attract and retain a diverse group of students who possess the following characteristics: intellectual curiosity, willingness to serve others and community with a Christ-centered heart, self-motivation and a solid work ethic, admirable character, special talents, and an enthusiasm for involvement in the school’s extra-curricular activities. In participating in the Patriot Preview, parents and students will learn about what God is doing in the lives of students at Providence, how the University Model can work practically for your family, and how to take the next steps to becoming a Patriot! Both parents, if applicable, must participate in a Patriot Preview to be considered for admissions. We are developing Patriot Preview resources to be accessed remotely. More information is forthcoming. 

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Read "Introduction to Classical Education" 

"Introduction to Classical Education" by Chris Perrin will enable you to more fully grasp the value of a Classical Education.

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Apply for Admission

Apply Online and submit all applicable admissions and testing fees.


Take the Admissions Test

Once the application, application fee, and all required documents are received by the academy, families will notified of the date for the student admissions test. The prospective student should plan for the admissions test to take approximately one hour.

Interview with the Admissions Team

Upon completion of the student admissions test, the office of admissions will schedule a family interview. Both parents/legal guardians and applicant are required to attend. During the family interview, the admissions counselor will gain a greater understanding of the academic, spiritual, and extracurricular goals for the applicant. The admissions counselor will also take this opportunity to review the results of the admissions test. Upon completion of steps 1-4, the Office of Admissions will meet as a committee and make a decision regarding admissions.

Begin the Journey

Upon acceptance to PCCA, parents will receive an acceptance letter in the mail, which will be followed by an email with instructions on how to complete online enrollment. The family will be responsible for completing and submitting the online enrollment packet, along with the applicable enrollment fee. The deadline for submitting the online enrollment packet is 10 business days from receipt of the acceptance letter. If the online enrollment packet is not submitted within 10 business days, the student's spot may be released to another applicant. With some classes at 90+% capacity, applicants are encouraged to submit the online enrollment packet by the deadline.