Unlike traditional schools, one of the areas that make Providence unique is the opportunity for students to be able to register for up to four elective courses in the Grammar and Logic school each semester beginning in kindergarten. The courses offered rotate each semester, which allows students the opportunity to experience different areas of interest. The primary purpose is enrichment through experience, affording students opportunities to study in areas and situations unavailable in their core courses while at Providence. 

The Providence faculty design and implement a variety of course offerings and programs. Some of the courses taught in the past include classical art, chess, soccer, P.E., cheer, culinary arts, musical theatre, golf, creative writing, basketball, Spanish, and French. The list of courses offered each semester changes, so students are continually exposed to different areas of interest. Students are encouraged as well to explore new fields of study and develop new academic interests during the electives period.

Once students enter the Rhetoric school (9th & up), they will have the opportunity to take their interests to a higher level with electives, as they build college portfolios to enable them to gain entrance to universities throughout the U.S. and abroad. Our desire is to provide the greatest number of opportunities for Providence students to be prepared for success in college and beyond.