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Scott Family Story

scott family story

“Our kids are starting their sixth year at PCCA. This wonderful school is one of the big reasons we moved to NWA in the first place! We were looking for an environment for our kids that would be filled with positive, encouraging Christian role-models and a challenging education that would prepare them well for the future. Also, coming from homeschooling previously, we love that they are home with us for so much of their school week and we can still be the primary influences in their lives.

We love that Providence Academy prepares our kids so well for the future. It's not just about grades (although their average ACT scores are excellent!), but they've become so good at being self-sufficient with their own schoolwork. They also start from a young age doing speaking and presenting in front of the class. I know many adults who are terrified of this, and because our kids have always done it, it's no big deal and they are fantastic at it!

Our daughter is crazy about the musical theater program. Not only is it a wonderful way to build community, but the productions are incredible! Our friends who all came the first year to be nice, now come religiously every year and bring their friends. Our son enjoys the friendships and small class size that allows him to know everyone.

Come to a Patriot Preview night to learn the basics, but if you really want to see what Providence is about, come to a sporting event or a musical theater production! You'll see kids who are kind, polite and encouraging. You'll see a community of people who care for each other... and one that you'll want to be a part of.

I personally love the parent involvement at Providence Academy! We have a community of moms and dads who not only are a terrific support system to the teachers and staff, but also to one another. The friendships we have with other parents is a tremendous blessing.”