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Ross Family Story

ross family story

“Our family came to Providence 12 years ago, just before our first child was born. We chose Providence because we knew that it was just the sort of education we would want for our children. The school endeavors to incorporate Biblical teachings across all curriculum. It is a challenging education, keeping up with high quality schools across the nation. Also, it allows parents to be closely involved with their children during the at-home school days. Providence blends so many important values and goals we hold as parents.

Our kids truly thrive because the school encourages learning through hands-on assignments, living books that bring subjects to life, and wonderful family friendships and the safe environment. They love to learn and love their teachers. The elective and extra-curricular offerings are super fun for them!

Providence is an awesome place to learn and grow! There will be days when kids don't cooperate at home or it seems that the academic rigor is testing your child. Persevere! You are investing in your child one day at a time and the end product will be a capable and Christ-like leader. You won’t regret joining the Providence community! Providence is helping us to shape who God wants our children to be. All of us need support in achieving our goals as parents, and Providence is an amazing place to receive that help and to link arms with other families who share your values and objectives.”