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most family story

We have been at Providence for 8 years. We chose Providence first and foremost because I saw that the staff truly love the Lord. Secondly, I feel that they seek to know and love each student while providing a Christ-centered education.

I truly believe the focus on classical education and hands-on learning has helped both of my children truly fall in love with learning. As they have gotten older, I think the smaller classes and amazing teachers has given them confidence as they grow and develop. I love that the values that we are teaching them at home are being taught and upheld at school. All of this combined gives them such a powerful ability to thrive and grow in a positive and nurturing environment.

My students love so much about Providence Academy. My oldest daughter loves the ability to work at home two days a week, the amazing teachers that truly care about her, and the like-minded friends that she has made at school. My youngest daughter loves seeing history come to life through fun days like Lords and Ladies Day, getting to do Science Labs at the Collegiate Center, and being able to take fun electives as part of her elementary school day. There are so many cool things they love about Providence.

I am so grateful for the people that make up Providence Academy. They have become our family and most supportive community. If you are considering Providence for your family, I would urge you to go for it! It is such a special place that really can’t be described.

-Robyn Most, Providence Academy parent