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Laney Family Story

laney family story

The Laney family chose Providence Academy!

We have been at Providence for 5 years, and chose PCCA originally for our oldest son, knowing he would thrive in a small class environment. We have been especially blessed by teachers who go the extra mile to help our students. The first year at Providence, we were blessed to have Mrs. Spreutels for pre-algebra. She was so passionate and determined to prove to Andrew that he had what it would take to pass math with flying colors, and he did!

It was teachers like Mrs. Spreutels that sold the Laney family on PCCA. Our plan was to try it for a year with Andrew, then see if we wanted to move Cooper over; however Andrew was doing so well that Cooper just could not wait to change schools. At semester of Andrew’s 1st year, Cooper started 5th grade at PCCA! 

Next, we enrolled sweet Caroline, and again, we had a wonderful third grade teacher, Mrs. Kraps, who literally guided me through the year. She was a constant encourager to Caroline. When she noticed Caroline needing help in math, she was quick to contact us and offer suggestions to help her succeed. 

I have asked the kids if they would ever want to leave PCCA and their answer is a solid “NO”. They love the smaller classes, and they love the feeling of family. Andrew loves leading worship during chapel, Cooper has had the honor to be a leader on his basketball team, he loves the golf team, and he even took up musical theater. I am excited for Caroline’s first year at the upper campus and all the opportunities coming her way. I have prayed that she would find a good group of friends to grow with, and God has answered that prayer here at PCCA. This truly is one huge big extended family.