University Model Approach

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Providence Academy implements a proven educational model for all of the students in the Lower School and Upper School that is referred too as the University-Model School approach. Utilizing the University-Model School concept, Providence Academy provides an affordable college-preparatory education in a school that respects the parental authority and allows sufficient time for parents to pass on their beliefs and values to their children.

Please note – While Providence Academy recognizes home schooling as an option of education, PCCA is not a home school model (just as the University of Arkansas isn’t a Home School Model of Education). Providence Academy is a leading college-preparatory, K-12 school that utilizes the University-Model system. The University-Model system of education has been in place in the United States since Harvard was founded in 1636. The University-Model School (UMS) approach to education for K-12 has been in place in the United States since the early 1990’s (founded by Grace Prep Academy in Arlington, Tx.). The UMS education model continues to produce outstanding graduates, with numerous graduates attending Ivy League Schools and U.S. Service Academies.  There are now over 40 schools throughout the US operating a similar type of education model to Providence Academy., with enrollment approaching 1,000 at some of the schools. 

Parental Role:

K - 6th: Facilitator

7th - 12th: Guide to Independent Study

(Please see the admissions section of the website to choose the "University-Model Program Options" that best fits your family's needs.)

Quote from Dennis Linam, V.P. of Dallas Baptist University: "Students who attend our University that were educated at University-Model Schools are much further ahead in both their academic and emotional development than traditionally educated high school students. When they arrive up on campus, they are more disciplined in their study habits. There is no transitional period, since they were educated in a university environment prior to coming to college." 



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