Parent Testimonials

Letter from 2nd year parent:

We have neighbors that will start their Providence journey this year.  When they began to seek the Lord months ago on the direction He wanted them to take for their kids' education, we prayed along with them.  When they heard the leading to come to Providence, we rejoiced with them!  Recently, our front yard chats have revolved around books and uniforms and school supplies and what direction a desk should face to best keep a floating attention span.  And periodically along the way, my friend will start her questions with, "I'm sorry to keep bothering you, but......".  Bother me?  Oh, if she only knew how lost I felt in MY first few weeks!

We came in mid-year and I had many worries.  Could we do the work?  Did I have the qualities it took to school my son?  Would we make any new friends?  Is this the right decision???  Yes, yes, yes, and yes quickly became the answers to all my questions.  By God's grace, He first kept our nose above water, then our shoulders, our waist, and eventually, we felt that we were walking on the water with Him.  One of the biggest tools He used, and the one He's blessed me with the most, is other precious Providence Moms.  My mentor Mom had her share of calls from me but immediately put to rest another one of those silly worries I'd had.  In our first conversation she had me relaxed and laughing and I thought -- whew! -- she's normal!  Then I began to notice that as we showed up for things, women would break away from conversations because they noticed someone new in the room.  Never had I been anywhere and found that.  I heard stories that sounded like mine, comforting and encouraging words that assured me we would be successful.  Everywhere I went, I felt so welcomed.  

My prayer is that I'm never the weak link in a chain of amazing people that follow the Lord and make Providence one of the best decisions our family ever made.  Be on the lookout for those new faces.  Break away from your friends and reach out to the ones with the same questions in their eyes that we all had once upon a time.  What a blessing you will be! 

I'm with my son......I hope our friends like it, too.

Letter from 1st grade parents:

This is our second year to be a part of Providence Classical Christian Academy.  We currently have a son enrolled in first grade and a daughter enrolled in Kindergarten.  

When we first heard of Providence Academy a few years ago, we were intrigued with the University-model of education and were excited to attend an informational session and learn more.  After attending the informational session, we felt that this educational model was one we wanted to pursue.

We are so glad we chose to send our children to Providence.  The University-model is an extremely effective method in educating students.  The effectiveness of the partnership between the school and parents is the key to this model.  It allows the student to cover a large amount of material and focus on comprehending the information presented.  The families attending Providence Academy are committed to their child’s education and the teachers are extremely devoted to making sure the students are taught the information they need.  The school Administration offers continual support to the parents and encouragement to the students.  

We made a very wise decision in choosing Providence Academy for our children’s education and are thankful to have this school in our area.  We continually encourage other families to look at this school as an educational option.  

Letter from kindergarten parents:

As the time neared for our son Preston to start kindergarten, we began to pray about what would be best for him.  He is extremely introverted and we feared that placing him in the wrong environment would be damaging long term.  We had heard of Providence from one of the founding families long before Preston was school age.  Now that it was time for us to make an educational decision, we contacted the school for more information.  After attending an information session, we knew in our hearts that this was the best fit for our family.  We were extremely touched by the level of parental involvement, academic excellence, and Biblical presence in the model.

From the moment we committed to Providence, we knew that was where God wanted us to be.  Over the last year, our son has excelled in his academics.  His personality has blossomed.  His knowledge of the Lord has grown.  Our entire family has been surrounded by other families trying to follow the Lord’s call to bring up our children in His way.  We have now developed our own passion to see the school serve even more children in our area.

There is a special spirit at Providence.  It is much more of a ministry than just a school.  We feel privileged to be part of such an amazing place.    

Letter from 6th grade parents:

Providence school has been a Godsend for our family.  When we moved to NWA in 2005, I was being led to home school.  I tried home schooling alone from Jan-May of 2005.  My daughter and I enjoyed it, but didn’t find the structure and organization needed for self-discipline.  Our family heard about Providence and decided to try it.  Our daughter has now completed 2 years at Providence and is beginning her third year with the school.

Providence has provided our family with the organization, accountability, and structure needed to further our daughter’s education.  She is challenged academically in all areas.  She is learning to “think” and process information rather than just memorize facts for tests.  Providence has enabled our daughter to integrate her creativity with learning to allow the best possible education.   

Providence has also helped our daughter become more independent in her learning.  Our 5th grader is able to read an assignment, follow the directions and carry out what is required to complete it.  She is gaining confidence in her abilities and is encouraged after finishing tasks. 

Most importantly, Providence has allowed our family to have more quality time together.  Our daughter “goes” to school 2 days a week and is home schooled 3 days a week.  The school provides the lesson plans and the accountability helpful for me, while providing a wonderful education for our daughter. 

Letter from 7th grade parents:

We believe that our children have the most exciting educational opportunity at Providence Classical Christian Academy.  The school meets the needs of our family by providing a combination of excellent instruction at the school two days a week, as well as, the privilege of working with our own children while they school at home three days a week.  The quality of the teachers is an undeniable asset to all the students who attend Providence.  Not only are the teachers extremely knowledgeable and very creative educators, they are persons of character and grace.  We appreciate that while the academic standards of Providence are high; they are also practical in their application.

We have observed the student body nearly double within only one year.  Many people in our community are becoming aware that Providence offers the best educational experience available in our rapidly growing and highly desirable area of the state.  We are indeed grateful to have found what we have come to understand is a rare and truly unique place for our children to become well prepared, responsible members of our society.  Students are able to reach their full potential as parents and teachers partner together.  The occasions given for sports and electives further supply a challenging and fun arena in which the students may grow physically, intellectually, and spiritually.   Providence Classical Christian Academy is an outstanding example of the cultivation of our country’s greatest resource – the careful development of our children.  We are deeply honored to be a part of such an exceptional environment.

Letter from 7th grade father:

Recently our son was not able to attend classes at Providence due to an illness. The class was scheduled to have a lecture on a new topic during the week he was out, and we were concerned how our son would catch up due to not be able to hear the lecture. On the day before the scheduled lecture, our phone rang at home and it was the English instructor at PCCA. She said she wanted to make sure our son was able to stay on track, and she spent 30 minutes on the phone presenting and discussing the topic. It was such a blessing to have a teacher that cared enough about our son's success that she would call and talk with him. 

I would like to thank PCCA for being such a blessing to our family.